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7Do you know how many web pages are there on the internet? Well, let us tell you. The figure of web pages is over 15 billion. Isn’t this figure astonishing! Now tell us, how many of these 15 billion pages have pulled your attention on to them? It is no surprise that out of billions of web pages, only few are able to attract the audience.

Most of the companies have amazing products and services and a good portfolio but they fail to reach the target audience. Reason for this is simple – poor internet marketing techniques. Business over the internet flourishes only when it is made visible and accessible to its target audience. And whenever we talk about visibility, the social bookmarking comes into picture.

Social bookmarking helps to choose the best web pages and save those pages for later reference. Social bookmarking is an excellent way to organize and categorize the web information. Twitter, Digg, Stumble upon, Reddit, Buzz feed are some of the brilliant social bookmarking platforms. These platforms act as an online discovery engine and help to detect the viral content.

Since the advent of internet marketing, a number of social bookmarking sites have cropped up. It is impossible for a layman to choose best social bookmarking options. But using our services makes bookmarking a very easy task. Our expert team organize, store and run bookmarks which belong to your website.

Why Us?

‘If you lose the reader’s attention once, you lose it forever’. Our experts spend considerable time on proof reading your content before submission to help you gain best results through social bookmarks.

‘Automated social bookmarking is fast but it is not effective’. Our experts do manual social bookmarking. Although manual submission takes a lot of time but it generates optimum results.

‘The categories that you choose while bookmarking the content matters a lot’. Our experts link your content to the most relevant websites. It helps to increase the traffic to your website from a focussed group of consumers.

‘Relevant social bookmarking is a time consuming job’. Our expert services save your time and resources and we do not ask for any extravagant fee for our services. We deliver best quality at nominal price.

Our incredibly different approach to SocialBookMark makes you achieve astounding results.


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